Pokemon go, or just a walk.

Lately, Pokemon Go became worlds most played game. Millions of people all over the world are playing.

I have never been a gaming type. Never liked World of Warcraft or FIFA or anything to be honest. The only thing I have played a lot is Candycrush, I don’t even know if I can call it for “gaming”.

The people around me started talking about this great game, that made people “lift up” their asses from sofa and go for a walk or even a bikeride. So I downloaded Pokemon go, to see what they all were talking about. And yes, I don’t want to lie and say I don’t like this game, but it just doesn’t get me so addicted as everyone around me seems to be.

This one friend of mine said to me: “This is a great game for lazy people. For the loners. For people who are depressed and are sitting at home. “

Well, I don’t agree with him. Not at all. People should get out more often NOT because pokemon says so, BUT because it’s good for the health, for the body, and for the soul. People should go out and be social without needing a game to tell them so!  I feel truly sorry for people who live their life by the rules of a game, a GAME! There is so much in the world that people need to see and notice more of. But some of us are too buzy looking at the phone and computer instead of looking at the trees changing colours or grass getting greener.



Enjoy your life and remember it JUST a game! Don’t let it rule your life.